Saturday, June 04, 2005

You let these wimmin' have blogs, and soon they're not cookin' and washin' no more!

I like Lance Mannion's answer to the question of where are all the female bloggers:

The trouble is that the top dog male bloggers are just not as interested in the wider world as most women bloggers are.

Name your favorite female bloggers and then go over their last twenty or so posts. Odds are very good that at least half those posts, or more, have nothing to do with what is going on inside the Beltway. But look at Kevin Drum's last 20, or Josh Marshall's, or Atrios'.

That's about right. It says something that as soon as Matthew Yglesias announced last week that he was moving to Josh Marshall's new TPM Cafe, one of the first questions asked of him in comments was, "Are you still going to post stuff about how to kill vampires?" Wonkery is great, but other stuff is more fun.

My longtime readers will remember that I used to put an apologetic note at the top of any post in which I got political, a habit which I've only very recently -- as in, in the last week or so -- abandoned. Drew Vogel asked why I did this the other day, and I guess I always wanted to avoid becoming the kind of blogger who is easily pigeon-holed, at the same time that I wanted to avoid becoming so redundantly political that some of my readership from the other side of the aisle decided "Nothing new to see there" and went away.

Why did I stop posting the alerts? Well, I suspect that I've established my pattern of blogging enough by now that people who are easily offended by the occasional political post here probably wouldn't be here in the first place. And also, I seem to have it on good authority from the people on the right who read Byzantium's Shores that even when I do get political, I don't froth about it, which implies that I can stop apologizing for when I get that way. (And no, I'm not planning on ratchetting up the political content. I get political when the mood strikes me, and the political mood almost always (a) strikes me without much warning, and (b) passes pretty quickly.)

I'm also grateful that Lance lists me among a small roster of bloggers whose content surprises him on a daily basis, and I'm also a little bit surprised that he would say this after I've been on a "Geez, it's been two hours since I posted about Star Wars! Fire up the keyboard, Chewie!" roll for a month or so now. (And yeah, I have more Star Wars blatherings to come. Tremble, mortals!)

UPDATE: No, there will be no pictures of, shall we say, erotic nature appearing here. Yeesh. And for no reason, I just remembered that I forgot to buy Cool-Whip at The Store today. Dammit. Not sure why I thought of that. Move along. Jedi business. Go back to your drinks.

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