Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sentential Links #5

This week's roundup of sentences ripped horribly from their surrounding blog-context. Won't someone please think of the children!

:: The mayor's office has finally realized that this is totally unacceptable and is trying to revive the area (or as my guide more cynically put it, "convince white people that it's safe to be downtown at night.") (You'll be surprised which city she's talking about.)

:: He has already taught me many things (that I was aware of previously but have re-learnt): Texan girls dress way skankier than their Ontario counterparts, the Texan accent is a total babe magnet, men don't wear shirts in Texas, everything is cheaper in Texas, Canadian cable has a lot of nudity/swearing and maple leaves. But the most important thing I have learned is that guns and exotic animals are man's best friends.

:: Anyway, time to move on. (Go wish him luck!)

:: ...[T]he people you should be talking to are those that the IDers are trying to recruit. (You know, the high school kids that creationists want to reach so "they can make up their own minds", as if science is a democracy where you get to vote for your version of reality.)

:: The problem Hale overlooks, that advocates of free market medicine often overlook, is that a good many people don’t even have "Chevrolet" budgets-- they have budgets only for bus fare...

:: Florence, Alabama has several Indian Mounds from the Copena Period, about 300 CE, of the Woodland cultural period in the Southeast from 1000 BCE to 1000 CE. (What would be the point, without photos? Luckily, there are photos. Mira always has photos. Yay, photos!)

:: There's something almost sacred about a physical library. (No, there isn't something almost sacred about a library. It's just plain out-and-out garden variety sacred. No "almost" about it!)

:: One way of surviving is to disassociate oneself from the rotten eggs of the world and find only nice people to be with.

:: Republicans today criticized Paul Revere for his famous ride, saying that he had violated professional colonial ethics by divulging military secrets in violation of his duty to his lord, the King of England. (Why do I always forget to read him? He's only been on my friggin' blogroll for, oh, two years or something like that....)

:: Inspired by the hype surrounding the release of Revenge of the Sith, here's a little bit of Buffalo-related Star Wars history. (Geez, the treasures that await on my own blogroll!)

:: If you tell three men you have a strange creature in your back yard, two will want to kill it, and one will want to season it. (And if there's a fourth, he'll just want to stare at it as it interacts with nature in its own habitat. That guy would probably be me.)

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