Thursday, June 23, 2005


OK, I'm watching one of Buffalo's fine TV news programs just now, and they did a very brief story about the opening of the Shakespeare in Delaware Park festival (in which a company of players puts on free performances of The Bard for anyone who wants to pop by with a lawn chair and get them some o' that high-falutin culture stuff).

Our intrepid anchorperson says something along the lines of "You didn't have to wonder wherefore art thou Romeo tonight, because he was in Delaware Park!"

Oh, gnash, gnash, gnash.

Look, folks: when Juliet says "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" she is NOT asking about his physical whereabouts. She is using the actual meaning of "wherefore": Why is he Romeo, i.e., why has she had the misfortune of falling in love with one of those hated Montagues.

I think the real media bias is not to the liberal or to the conservative, but to the stupid.

Rant over. Nevermore!

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