Sunday, June 12, 2005


OK, folks, I've been doing my "Sentential Links" thing on Sunday for about five weeks now, right? Where I just grab some sentence from some post somewhere and link it back to its original source?

Well, look what Kevin Drum just posted!

And note, here's my introduction to today's Sentential Links:

This week's roundup of sentences ripped horribly from their surrounding blog-context.

And here's Kevin's introductory post to his version, which he calls "Deep Thoughts":

Weekend wisdom from the blogosphere, ripped violently out of its native habitat but then hyperlinked back to its source so you have the option of attempting to make sense out of it if you're so inclined

Coincidence? Or...fraud! You be the judge!

(I'm calling it "coincidence". But you gotta wonder. Those Orange County folks are a shifty bunch. They're mostly Republicans, of course, but they rub off on the few Democrats they have out there.)

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