Friday, June 24, 2005

Whoa...trippy colors and stuff...and why does Dorothy sound like Roger Waters?

I've mentioned in the past how for more than four years we suffered with a television that didn't render colors properly: its yellows were damaged, so anything yellow showed up pink and greens ended up gray or blue, so The Simpsons were all pink, Luke's lightsaber in Return of the Jedi was "generic bright", and the Bills played on a blue field until we finally acquired a smaller TV with perfect color.

Anyway, the movie we currently have checked out of the library for The Daughter is The Wizard of Oz, which we are now watching for the very first time on the good TV. And since she didn't see the film until she was two, it just occurred to me that this is the first time she's seen the Yellow Brick Road in actual yellow. Pretty cool, that.

Oh, and in the correct color, some dude hangs himself during the "Tinman" scene. That kind of freaked me out a bit.

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