Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Maybe the leprechauns will do it?

I haven't commented at all on the recent Supreme Court decision on filesharing systems because I don't know too much about the specific legalities involved. I'm not a big fan of the RIAA, but I can't quite line myself up behind a model whose main motivation seems to be that everything's free now. And I will never be convinced that the big reason P2P systems are so popular is anything other than the idea many folks have that now they'll never have to actually pay for music again.

Also, I find the various suggestions for how artists will continue to be paid for their work somewhat unconvincing, in pretty much the same way that I found the libertarians in college unconvincing when they'd try to argue that it would be OK if we got rid of Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and everything else because hey, the churches would all just hold more bakesales for the needy. I'd rather have a working model in place for artist compensation before we scuttle the current model.

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