Sunday, June 12, 2005


I just scrolled back to last Sunday's posts, because I couldn't remember what last week's Image of the Week was. And there's a simple reason for that: I forgot to do an Image of the Week last week. Oops. So here's an Image for Last Week, and later today I'll have an Image for This Week. Unless I forget, in which case I'll post this week's Image next week. Remember how comic books used to mark December as their month of release, even though they came out in May? I guess I'm doing that in reverse.

Anyhow, imagine a freight train loaded with coal. OK? Now imagine that one of this train's cars throws a bearing, thus causing one of its wheels to come off and the axle to drag on the rails, creating much sparkage and dripping of literally molten metal. So the train crew ditches the affected cars, stops the train a distance later and hikes back to check out the damage, because they can see smoke coming from underneath the train.

And imagine that where they've ditched the damaged and derailed cars with white-hot wheels is atop a wooden trestle.

Photos here.

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