Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ve haf vays of making you talk!

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Here's a bit of how I spent my Father's Day, doing something we do pretty much every day: submitting Little Quinn to heinous torture therapeutic stretching. You see, he's very often stiff and unable to relax his muscles fully, so we have to help him by stretching him regularly. My favorite way is to sit sort-of "Indian Style", but not crossing my legs but putting them out in front of me, and positioning Little Quinn so his noggin is planted directly between my feet. In this way I keep his head centered while I stretch him a bit; otherwise he twists his head to the right, which is his "default" position.

Then we just stretch the little guy, as you can follow by clicking through and looking at the other photos in this sequence. First we gently stretch out his chest by opening his arms to their full extension and then lightly doing "flies" with them; then we work out his legs a bit. Sometimes he enjoys his stretching, while other times he gets mad at us. This particular session ended in an annoyed Little Quinn, but I'm fine with that. As I'm writing this, about an hour after that bit of stretching, he's sleeping away.

And as a bonus, he tried to end the session by coughing up the location of the WMDs. Foolish boy! Where does he think he is, Gitmo? Heh!

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