Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yes, yes! To Tosy you listen! (And also to Cosh!)

As long as I'm linking Tosy and Cosh, I'm glad to see that he is one of a proud race: those who are able to see the brilliance of Revenge of the Sith for what it is. It's a long piece and a good one, but I'm going to quote a bit where he notices something that I didn't even pick up on:

The climactic duel was maybe the best sequence of all six films, just so emotional. Williams' judiciously holding back the new theme until then was a masterstroke, the music did so much to heighten the emotion. And I loved how closely Lucas ties things together, when Anakin is finally defeated, it's because of his arrogance, he attacks when he shouldn't. It's his giving in to the rage that's his undoing. If he had waited for a better vantage point he most likely would have defeated Obi-Wan. But he rushes in anger and is destroyed. Also, that move is the same one Obi-Wan used on Darth Maul--flipping over a higher opponent and slashing on the way down. And that's why he knew to take Anakin's legs out while he was in mid-air, and why he wasn't surprised by it, as Maul was.

I don't know whether to be delighted that John realized this, or annoyed that I didn't. Oh well.

Dammit, I gotta see that friggin' movie again....

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