Friday, June 24, 2005

Enough have I had.

You know what I'm tired of? All of this talk of Democrats "emboldening the enemy" whenever anyone on the Left speaks up. I'm sorry, but I very much doubt that "the terrorists" (as if they're a monolithic group, like SPECTRE or SMERSH or whatever) are spending much time reading American news to see if everyone over here is in agreement, and I equally doubt that they're making tactical decisions based on whatever the latest Gallup poll says or what Dick Durbin said or whatever. Especially when they can find plenty of motivation in the presence of real Americans right down the street. Especially when we're caught doing things like mistreating prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

They're making decisions based on how much explosive they've got, how many people they think they can kill, and which suicidal person they've got to deliver those explosives. That's it. Terrorists don't need "emboldening". That's what's so damned scary about terrorists. They're as emboldened as they're going to get.

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