Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sentential Links #6

Here we go again. Click for context.

:: Holy Shizzy, Trump THIS, Donald! (This is a post title rather than a sentence from the post, because the post is just a picture. But the picture is really cool. Why don't we build stuff like that?)

:: I love this mystery. I will hate the person who exposes the man's identity, and why he does it. Let us wonder.

:: There are lots of evil regimes past and present to choose from, but I'm not sure which ones are acceptable references when describing the use of torture at Guantanamo. Can I get some conservative feedback on this?

:: My favorite sort of enthusiast is an enthusiast with a cocktail. (I like one with a beer, but you get the idea.)

:: There's so much wrong and invidious in this latest piece by Norman Lebrecht that one hardly knows where to begin to rip into it. (Of course, that dilemma doesn't stop ACD for one second from ripping into it!)

:: I'm sorry, but I'm still in what I call the "indescribably wonderful" stage. You know, that part early in a relationship where everything is just perfect and you feel like you're living a dream. Sigh. It's all just so... indescribably wonderful. (Yeesh! Playing the "I got a new girlfriend!" card to absolve oneself from one's daily blogging responsibilities is just so lame. And this will probably kill his usual caustic tone, too -- now when he posts about politics, he's gonna be all cute and bubbly about it. Ach well...that Anna must be something!)

:: I hope Nixon won't go down in history as a great president. (Me either. The man was a lunatic who did a few good things and a whole lot of bad ones.)

:: Please note that what follows is, in no way, an attack on religion. It is merely a defence of science. I sincerely believe that the two need not be mutually incompatible. (Yes, it's about evolution, and it's a good post.)

:: This weekend is our 10th wedding anniversary. (Congratulations!)

:: Ten years ago today Krissy and I were married. (Ditto!)

:: Do you think there really is a "certain age" when long hair is not appropriate? (For women, absolutely NOT! For men, well, I dunno. For myself, I have no intention of cutting my hair. I just don't see the point of doing so.)

:: As a modern woman, I am surprised by Blind Alfred's contention that God cares about our hairdos. It smacks of micro-management. (This one is where I got the link for the one right above it. Man, there are a lot of great blogs out there.)

:: If you doubt this is possible, how is it there are PYGMIES + DWARFS?? (This is the most surreal bit of Creationist logic I've ever seen.)

:: The movie finally limped onto the Sci-Fi Channel alongside cheap filler from UFO and Nu Image, with a DVD from Lion's Gate ("We'll release anything!") not far behind.

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