Saturday, January 14, 2006

What the heck is going on in San Diego?

Was the Chargers' season worse than I thought, or something? Is the absence of Tony Guinn unbearable? Is that why bloggers left and right are leaving the place?

(Actually, SDB seems to be offline already -- but before he went offline, he announced that he is moving to Portland, OR. His site is totally offline because SDB owned his own server and hosted his own blog in his own home. I don't know when or even if he'll return to the online world, but given his recent creepy obsession with screengrabs of fan-service panty shots from various anime series and his just-plain-bizarre prayers for Brokeback Mountain to suffer a mauling at the box office, maybe it was time for him to give it up.)

UPDATE: Jayme reports that it isn't just bloggers ditching San Diego: the Chargers are flirting with San Antonio. Poor San Diego!

Oh, and I've changed the time-stamp of this post so it's not sitting by itself as Friday's only post. Unless it's a really lengthy post, I don't like posts by themselves on a single date. Why? Who knows? I'm a puzzle.

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