Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stop the Tagging!

Craig hit me with the "Five Things About Me" meme-thing, so I'll oblige, since I'm actually tagged this time. I did do this one before, actually, but that wasn't a tag -- I just swiped the idea (from Michele at ASV. Tagging makes it more official, right?

Here are my old answers:

:: Like Michelle, I too count steps on nearly every staircase I encounter. I don't think this is terribly odd, really -- in fact, it comes in pretty useful sometimes to know that the stairs in my apartment building hallway number thirteen. Believe me, when you're carrying something large and heavy and you can't look down to see what your feet are descending upon, stair-counting is of immense use.

:: Whenever I eat chicken wings, I usually consume the "drumsticks" first, leaving the "forearms" for last. This isn't ironclad, really, but I never finish up with a drumstick: I leave at least one forearm for the very last one. What's weird is that I used to do the exact opposite, leaving the drumsticks for last. Why, I don't know, since I'm honestly not sure which portion generally contains more meat. (As a sub-quirk, I use an entire mature Ponderosa Pine's worth of napkins in the course of a meal of chicken wings.)

:: I have to peel oranges by using a knife to cut through the peel in quarters and then remove the cut peel. I hate doing it in any other way, and I especially hate digging into the flesh with my nails to get the peeling started. That leaves chunks of orange peel under my nails, which drives me crazy.

:: Sticking with food: when eating pancakes or waffles, if a large pool of syrup is not still on the plate after I've consumed the final bite, I haven't used enough syrup. Pancakes and waffles are, to me, little more than a Maple Syrup Delivery System.

:: Last one, and the obvious one, I suppose, given my photos here: if the daily temperatures are in the mid-60s or lower, and I'm not either working, in church, or in any other situation requiring Wrinkle-Free Dockers, I'm wearing overalls. I think that counts as a quirk, since I never see them on any other men outside of the livestock pavilions at the Erie County Fair.

OK, and here are some new ones:

1. I love pizza. I love breakfast food. I love "breakfast bagels" and McMuffin-type items. But I can't wrap my head around the idea of "breakfast pizza". That just trips my "odd meter".

2. I like Yanni. (Seriously! I waxed poetic about Liva at the Acropolis a while back, and I really, really wish I would have suggested the track "Reflections of Passion" for my first dance with The Wife at our wedding reception.)

3. In the extended AD&D campaign we played in college, I had two characters: a Necromancer and a Ranger/Cleric. I liked the Necromancer a lot more than the other guy, whom I played as a real stick-up-the-ass virtual-paladin type. The Necromancer got pretty good -- especially when he got hold of some gizmo that summoned Earth Elementals. Playing the wizard was pretty boring at first, since all he could do was hang back and shoot magic missiles at everything.

4. My prefered means of lighting is the candle. I'm sure that at some points in my life I've violated some kind of fire code by burning too many at once.

5. Until about two years ago, I scoffed at the combination of apples and peanut butter. Now it's one of my favorite combos ever.

I don't usually tag people, but right now I seem to be all about doing stuff that I don't usually do, so: Jayne and John (who might have already done it, for all I know).


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