Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh, make it stop....

I'm now watching the creepiest damn show in all of television -- network, cable, public access, you name it.

It's called Wife Swap.

In one corner we have a woman who is so permissive and fetishistic of her 12-year old son that eats dinner on her bed with the kid (leaving the husband downstairs), forces the husband to sleep in his own bedroom, and has run up something like $30,000 of debt running a "business" as a children's entertainer.

In the other corner we have a woman who is so money-tight and "expectations driven" with her children that she uses fifteen-minute drives in the car to quiz the kids using flash cards, requires her children to pay for their participation in family trips, and personally flosses her childrens' teeth on a daily basis. (She doesn't require daily flossing; she actually does the flossing for them. The youngest kid lays down on his back in the bedroom and submits to flossing.)

And then these two women change places. Hijinks ensue with the kids; husbands get really uncomfortable. Hippie-lady brings a puppy into the hermetically-sealed environment of her new family; tight-wad lady puts all of hippie-lady's things out on the lawn for a garage sale.

Obviously the point of all this is something about "moderation" and not going too far one way into "fun" and "business", but jeebus, this show is giving me a rash.

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