Sunday, January 01, 2006

AIEEE! Undo! Undo!!

I've been doing some tinkering under the hood of the blog today -- you can see the new masthead above. I love these pre-Raphaelite painters, and one of these days I should invest in a book about them. I love the way those painters conveyed sexuality without getting too prurient about it. (And that Arthur Hughes seems to have known at least one very beautiful redhead, assuming that the one in this painting is the same one that was in my old masthead -- the one before the "Journey of the Magi" masthead that's been up for the last month, that is.)

I've also updated the master blogroll, at long last updating some links to blogs that had changed their URLs (sorry, bloggers, I tend to be fairly lax about this), removing a handful of blogs that had gone inactive, and adding a bunch of new ones, mostly under the "Ships flying the flag of Buffalo" and "Voices in the tavern" categories. Go check 'em all out. I don't link bad blogs; just blogs of questionable repute!

In more annoying news, in the course of doing all this work, something crashed in Firefox, and when I got it shut down and restarted, my current bookmarks had completely vanished and been replaced with the bookmarks that I lost the last time Firefox crashed on me (probably about two months ago). I had a sizeable collection of links to blogs I was sporadically following, and these are now toast, unless I figure out how to get that folder back. That always stinks. Quite a few of them were actually "new" bloggers from the recent AOL diaspora, and thus some of these are now blogrolled, but a bunch of 'em weren't, and I only recall two or three of the blog names from that list. Ouch.

Anyhow, welcome aboard for 2006. In February, this blog will have existed for four years. That amazes me.

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