Monday, January 23, 2006

Sentential Links #34

It's Monday again: time to sit down and commit some Linkage By Excerpt!

:: All her personalities took a vote and "hard-line" Hillary showed up yesterday to shame Bush over Iran. (Credit where due: that's pretty funny, even if it's the entire post -- something I avoid doing on Sentential Links. Hey Craig, why weren't you at the BloggerCon thing last week?)

:: Maybe, just maybe there’s a chance I’m really beginning to understand Thomas Edison after all this time. In case you don’t know, one of my favorite quotes of all time is one from Edison. (Well, this post is actually a follow-up to the preceding post, so maybe you should read that one first...or not....)

:: Will you try something unexpected and delightful this week? Something out of character that disrupts the little habit/pattern synaptic connections/grooves in your brain, not to mention people who thought they knew you, who depend on you to be predictable? (Hmmmm, might not be a bad idea. Anyone got any suggestions?)

:: Over time I have come to realize that one of the truly amazing aspects of keeping an online journal is that I can reach out and touch people with my words.... but also those same people, or people that I have never known before can also reach out and touch me. Advice, support, a kind word when you need it, an "atta girl" or "atta boy", or a kick in the ass when nothing else will do. (Isn't that the truth!)

:: (4) Stop chasing Jehovah's Witnesses past property boundaries and onto street. (Hmmmm...I wonder what my own "Evil Monkey"'s resolutions are....)

:: So Sunday was the 100th birthday of Robert E. Howard, famed creator of Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane and Bran Mak Morn among others. (I don't know the first thing about Robert E. Howard, I'm sorry to say. I should rectify that.)

:: My darling Nettl looks as sweet and tasty as a Viennese meringue dusted with vanilla sugar, and by my expression I appear to be thinking, "Let's ditch this juke joint and get a room!" (Please do! Scroll down to January 22 entry -- no permalinks here that I can find.)

:: "Disenfranchise?" Excuse me? Because you don't get everything on your wish list, no questions asked, you're disenfranchised? (Apparently so.)

:: These rules seem very fair and evenly applied and I think we owe it to the country to be a little more diligent in complying with them. After all, if we don’t stop with all of this criticism of the Commander-in-Chief, we might lose our freedoms.

:: Despite widespread interest in their culture Shaker song remains virtually unknown with one glaring exception - Simple Gifts. This song has been reworked by Aaron Copland and so many others to the point that it is generally assumed that Simple Gifts and Shaker song are one and the same. This is both wrong and a great pity as there is much more very fine music which deserves to reach a much wider audience. (You know what's weird? I had forgotten, until I read this post and thought "Wow, I gotta check that CD out", that I already own it. So many times I forget the treasures I have in my own collection!)

All for this week!

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