Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The seeds of a valuable life lesson....

A short while ago I was listening to the Original Cast album of Camelot whilst blogging, and The Daughter was doing her homework. Up came the song "If Ever I Would Leave You", which is one of my favorite songs ever, and as is my wont I started singing, so The Daughter actually stopped to listen to the lyrics. And then:

THE DAUGHTER: What's this song called?

ME: "If Ever I Would Leave You".

THE DAUGHTER: Oh! Is he singing to a woman, then?

ME: Yes. He's singing to the Queen, actually. Her name is Guinevere.

THE DAUGHTER: Oh, so it's the King singing, right?

ME: Actually, no, this is a Knight named Lancelot. He's singing to the Queen.

THE DAUGHTER: Well, how can a man who isn't the King be singing this song to the Queen?

ME: Yup, that's quite the problem, isn't it?

Luckily the conversation ended there with my promise to teach her about King Arthur some day, and matters turned toward the first homework assignments of 2006.

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