Friday, January 20, 2006

The Internet is made of people

That's become one of my very favorite aphorisms (coined, I believe, by Warren Ellis), and last night I got to meet a bunch of the people behind the screens. It was the second meeting of citizens from the Buffalo Prefecture of Blogistan, and after missing the first incarnation, I am supremely happy to have made the second. I hope it's not as long until the next one, folks!

I would try to link everyone I met last night, but in truth I lost track a little bit and I know I'd miss some one ("Hey! He doesn't remember meeting me?! DAMN HIM!"), so if you check Alan's or Jen's rundowns (hey, Jen -- the link to your comments threads, minus the part of the URL that says "#comments", is your permalink, if that helps!), I met all those folks. And they're great people, every one.

What was funny was to note that people do actually sound like their blogs! Erin talked a bit about Arrested Development; Jen talked about a relationship she's in that started with the advent of the 2005 NFL season, which has her nervous what they'll talk about once the Super Bowl is over; Alan talked about parking lots and diesel cars and The Amazing Race and why it's stupid to pay thousands in rent in the "cool kids" cities when you can get a house for that in Buffalo; Cliff -- whom I had never before met, and whose blog I had to Google this morning -- riffed on so much pop-culture stuff that I frequently lost track (but I cheered inwardly when he endorsed my positive view of The Phantom Menace; Kevin and Val are just a great, great couple. (Although when they walked in, I thought, "Why are Christopher Lloyd and Bonnie Raitt here?" Oooooh, that one's gonna get me in trouble -- but seriously, I could listen to them talk all night. At the mere mention of the fact that they got married in Vegas by an Elvis who spoke in a tenor, I was hooked.) And despite listening to WGR-550 sports radio on the drive into downtown, I actually learned that the Bills had talked to Dom Capers about their head coaching vacancy from the BFLOBlog guys (one of whom I now owe one beer -- I'll make good on that next time, Kevin).

Special kudos to Jen, who not only greeted me on sight as soon as I emerged from the stairs, but who was also apparently quite concerned about the possibility that I might show up for such an event wearing something other than overalls. Well, perish that thought! (Photos of everyone here.) Although I should warn folks that if we have a summer meet-up, I'll most likely wear boring, regular shorts. Summer is too hot for overalls.

If I regret anything about last night, it's that I didn't quite block out enough time and that I didn't get to talk to everyone. Next time I'll try to stay later. It would also be nice if I'm not nursing a sinus headache next time out -- that's pretty much why I stayed rooted to a single spot. Damned sinuses! Oh, and next time I'll actually use the digital camera that I brought, instead of forgetting that I had it with me at all. Oops. There it sat, in my coat pocket the entire night.

Like many folks, I have some blogroll updating to do this weekend. Meeting everyone was a great experience, and I can't wait for the next one! (Maybe I should start scouting out a Southtowns location for one of these....)

UPDATE: In comments, LCScotty suggests a summer blog picnic at Chestnut Ridge or someplace similar. I like that idea -- we could do a "potluck" kind of thing. Shall we pencil that in for an August or early September get-together?

UPDATE II (Saturday, 21 January): The other night, whilst discussing various pop-culture items with Cliff (whose curse it is to discuss such things), he insisted that he was NOT hallucinating when he was channel-surfing one day and found some kind of Care Bears show on which the bears were discussing "acid reflux". Well, a bit of Googling bears him out (no pun intended):

THE CARE BEARS BIG WISH MOVIE, not rated, 2005, $19.98 VHS and DVD; age 2-4.

This film succeeds in bringing new faces to the Care Bear family. Wish Bear is the niece of Wish-a-Lot Bear and is also a lucky bear. She has direct access to making her wishes come true, thanks to her friend Twinkers. Wish Bear ends up taking advantage of this genie-like pal while trying to impress a trio of new friends, Too-Loud Bear, Me Bear and Messy Bear, who exhibit the traits described in their names and mistakenly believe wishing can replace working. Equilibrium is restored with cute scenes and musical numbers.

The movie falls short because attempts to appeal to older viewers—such as with a joke about acid reflux—don’t work. (emphasis added)

Oh, and I was just digging a bit through the archives at Cliff's blog, and I found this item:

Western boots and hats and shirts will never take off in Blue States, especially when the consensus is that the Red States are entirely to blame for our current situation. Dressing like a Hee Haw extra is the equivelent of saying "they won," and will be dealt with accordingly...

I'm trying to figure out if I should stand up for people who dress like Hee Haw extras, or if I should try to insist somehow that I don't dress like a Hee Haw extra, the overalls notwithstanding. (I mean, you don't see anybody on Hee Haw wearing them over sweaters or the like -- it's all-flannel, all-the-time on that show, and to my knowledge I have never owned anything flannel.)

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