Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sentential Links #31

The thirty-first installment of Sentential Links! Yippee! Let there be...some links, I guess. Sheesh.

:: On December 24th, my only sibling drank himself to death. (My God, what a horrible way to spend Christmas. Condolences and prayers to Farmgirl.)

:: I look at my life this way at times…. Like a warrior, weary from battle. Not everyday, but on some days for certain. The scars and scratches on my ‘blade’ sometimes catch the sunlight and reflect it as brilliantly as a diamond; from others the light seems almost absorbed somehow. It’s as if the mere memory of that struggle can pull all the life from the light.

:: But, a woman who was as knowledgable and clever as Pope Joan just dropping a kid in the middle of the street one day? I have serious problems with that. (So do I. Ewwwww! Oh, and if you wondered what Alexandra looks like, she posts a self-photo here. I used to be entirely uninterested in what bloggers look like, but now I like it better if I know. Go figure.)

:: Blood red lipstick goes best with deathly pallor (That's the title of the post, which consists of a photo. And what a photo it is. Wow.)

:: I have a theory about males in general. There is one reason for their continued existence: sex. We're not really necessary, except that we provide a convenient way to provide some mixing in the gene pool. (Robert Tilendis is a writer for GMR, and I just found his blog yesterday. He's been posting a lot about the movie Brokeback Mountain. Check him out.)

:: Why is beer not granted the sort of inherent quality that other foods and products are? (That is a good question.)

:: After reading various reports of its [the Spielberg film Munich] corrupt, perfectly imbecile underlying philosophic premise (as the Leftist — way Leftist — playwright, Tony Kushner, is the principal screenwriter, what else could the underlying philosophic premise be but corrupt and perfectly imbecile?), I decided my age-hardened arteries would be better off not being subjected to the insult the steep rise in my blood pressure would inflict upon them. (Well, thank God for that. I mean, checking one's preconceptions at the door before encountering a work of art is so 2005.)

:: So here it is, the Blog Manifesto for Northcoast Exile... (Maybe I should write one of these...or maybe not...hmmmm....)

:: Nice to see that the Jewish community is finally waking up to the fact that the Christian Right is not our friend, no matter how much they support Israel. (See, if there's no Israel, Revelations doesn't come out right.) As usual, they're philo-Semitic as long as the Jews are keeping their mouths shut and playing their little Old Testament part in somebody else's supercessionist belief system.

:: CASINO ROYALE is not only the best Bond film ever made, but it is possibly the best film ever made. (Dammit, I gotta see this someday!)

:: I won't list everything Ken got me, but it included oil pastels and grease pencils and a spirograph kit and a globe that goes from earth to star-chart depending on the light level in the room, and a crank-powered flashlight/radio, and a handheld sewing machine, and Nancy Drew's Guide to Life, and a hoodie for those winter runs... (That globe sounds like the coolest thing ever! What would happen if you darken the room and then illuminate the globe with a floodlight, thus simulating the hemispheric light of the Sun?)

More next week. Tune in. Drop out. Or something like that.

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