Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Do they make a statuette with an extended middle finger?

I've just perused the list of Oscar nominations, and I don't really have a whole lot of reaction except for two items:

:: Memoirs of a Geisha boasts the best score John Williams has written in years, and I hope that it wins the award. It's possible that a Williams vote could be split, though, with Munich, which was also nominated. (I haven't heard Munich yet.) I'm not familiar with the other nominees for score, so my hopes here are based purely on my Williams fanboy status. (Cue the FSM Board folks, however, to point out yet again how the Academy screwed Jerry Goldsmith through the years and how James Newton Howard should have an award by now and so on.)

:: Look at the three nominees for Best Visual Effects: The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong, and War of the Worlds. Ummmm...is there a conspicuous absence there, or is it just me? Revenge of the Sith? Hello? (OK, I admit that I didn't see the three nominated films yet -- but with the exception of Kong, I can't imagine that the other two films had appreciably better effects than Sith -- especially Narnia, the footage of which I've seen looks pretty much like Lord of the Rings with a wider color pallette.

Anyway, those are my only complaints. As usual, I will probably watch an hour or so of the Awards ceremony, basically as a means of updating my "I should rent that" list.

UPDATE: Link that went nowhere now goes somewhere. Oops.

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