Sunday, January 29, 2006

Those who have gone before

Shortly before she left for work, The Wife asked me to look about online for a certain song that she discovered a week or so ago. A bit of Googling later, I found the song, posted on a blog called Punkin Toes. This blog is no longer updated, being as it is allowed to sit fallow in memory of one of the bloggers involved and apparently some other people who passed away. It's a terribly sad read.

(Oh, and the song is called "Held", by an artist named Natalie Grant, with whom I am totally unfamiliar. I've just downloaded the MP3 from the link given in this post, and dammit if that song didn't start up my waterworks.)

And on top of all that, this morning's church service featured one of the songs that was performed at Little Quinn's funeral as well as a baptism. I know that life has to go on, but does life have to beat us up and steal our lunch money too? I'm just asking.

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