Monday, January 30, 2006

Sentential Links #35

In addition to the normal linkage, I'll have some links to blogs nominated for "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition" Koufaxes. There are so many nominees for that award that I can't possibly link them all in a single post, so I'll attempt to link a bunch of them each week for a while.

:: While airports have a lot more glamor than bus lines and can probably get a lot more dollars too (maybe even $24 million of them,) I'd suggest that the NFTA stick to its mission and stop trying to get some more pork for an unneeded second airport. (Craig has been blogging the hell out of issues surrounding the Niagara Falls International Airport.)

:: It won’t come as a shock to anyone that we don’t think much of Democratic elected officials. (Koufax nominee)

:: So the contributions to Democrats from the Abramoff represented tribes would probably have gone there anyway. This is all legal, by the way. To equate it with the illegal contributions (or "bribes") coming from Abramoff is, at best, highly misleading. (Koufax nominee)

:: Here's the problem with adventure journalism more generally: it's not written by experts or beat reporters, and therefore only infrequently rises above the usual combination of local color, exoticism, florid prose, and received opinion back home. (Koufax nominee)

:: We're so used to today's Hollywood smile that we're not much bothered by the fact that they're fake. We are so distracted by the dazzling expanse of perfect white teeth, we hardly notice the eyes. (I know people who smile entirely with their eyes. You can't fake that.)

:: I will also say that having a nice industry job offer in your back pocket makes these things much less stressful. (Yeah, already having a job makes the search for a new job a lot less terrifying! Koufax nominee.)

:: With 400 posts under my belt I finally feel a bit like a blogger. But I still despise the word "blog." I want to suggest something more dignified like "combo." ("Combo"?! Koufax nominee.)

:: Heavy, heavy sigh. (Go see what she's talking about. Yipes, that's sad.)

:: But is that what Christianity is about? Is it about power, and authority, and controlling the discussion, and framing the issues, and winning the debate? Or is it about what St. Francis supposedly said: "Preach the gospel to all the world and, if necessary, use words." (Koufax nominee)

:: Today, I am a man. I've received my first hate e-mail. (Geez, I've never received hate e-mail! Guess I have some red-meat blogging to do, then. Koufax nominee.)

:: The background animals on the other hand... I just have this vision of the harried BBC wardrobe mistress going to her assistant and saying "go raid the pantomime costumes or something, just get me more animal costumes!" (OK, she wrote this post a month ago, but I've been forgetting to link it for that long. Remember when Letterman used to have a bit called "Can A Guy In A Bear Suit...", in which he'd literally send a guy in a bear suit out into the streets of NYC to do funny things? That's what I thought of when I read Sarah's post.)

All for this week on the main links, although I may return to Sentential Links more often as I try to get through the Koufax nominees. But I'm not going to try to have them done by the time the awards are done; I'm just going to try to throw them some linkage as I can. Enjoy!

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