Sunday, August 07, 2005

Why look, we have a basket full of asps for just such an occasion!

I was channel-flipping late last night (since we don't have cable, channel-flipping takes all of eight or nine clicks of the button), and I came across the last twenty minutes or so of Cleopatra, the mega-epic starring Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Elizabeth Taylor. (No points for sussing out which one played the title role.) I have to say: those twenty minutes that I watched have me wanting to see the whole movie. Oh, I'm sure I'd find it excruciating, but my appetite is whetted. (I've loved Alex North's score for several years now, since Varese Sarabande released a deluxe two-disc set of the music.)

Has anyone seen this film? Is its awful reputation deserved, or not? As my love of the Star Wars prequels demonstrates, I have a real soft spot for slowly-paced epics with questionable acting and ponderous dialogue. Will I like it on that basis? (This isn't a foolproof indicator of my taste, by the way -- The Ten Commandments makes me want to jump out of my window every year at Eastertime.)

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