Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sentential Links #13

Here we go again: click for context.

:: If your side starts to hurt on, say, Monday and you lose your appetite and all you want to do is sleep and you're dizzy...don't wait until Friday to mention it to your immediate family. (TBogg's been on fire -- I nearly went with "So if you've got a script where a cartoon family of rich eccentric hockey players take on Hollywood only to be horribly tortured and may already be a winner!", but the personal usually beats out the snark when all other things are equal.)

:: That's what this war has given us: a situation where the best option is pretty bad.

:: "Amanda is in denial," Jim Kulick said. "She said her father promised her he would come back from the war, and she still believes that."

Amanda Kulick doesn't understand what happened to her father.

Neither do we.
(OK, folks, if you couldn't tell, I'm slowly getting more and more angry about Iraq. Link via Drew Vogel, in the post linked in the preceding Sentential Link.)

:: "Women's social rights are not critical to the evolution of democracy. We hope they're there, I think they will be there, but I think we need to keep this perspective." (God Almighty, what in the hell are we doing?!)

:: In other news, I tore some skin off my upper lip eating a popsicle last night. Go ahead, laugh. I would, if it didn't freaking hurt so much. (Well, she said we could laugh!)

:: Strange that someone who was only a virtual presence can be such a force in our lives and that his sudden absence can come as such a blow. Maybe we do have souls after all. (A fine tribute to a blogger whose blog I only learned of when the blogger passed away.)

:: Many people would be thoroughly creeped out by it but I have grown quite fond of The Face. (You won't believe what she's talking about. It seems to me that the perfect name is Wolfgang, but that's just me.)

:: Today, while walking and listening to my husband's recording of "Russian Easter Overture" I came home insisting to share an entry on Ilkka's blog. I think a wife deserves that much, don't you? (Ach, these they'll want blogs of their own! Kidding aside, it's a nice tribute.)

:: This ends the family of motifs associated with the inspiring power of woman. Although few, they are extremely powerful. (I think that Mr. Himebaugh may be misreading the quote -- Mr. Cooke is referring to the motifs as being "few", not the women. But then, you can't always tell with Mr. Himebaugh, who's one of the most "tongue-in-cheek" bloggers out there.)

:: (Y)you can only hear your town called "the armpit of Iowa" so many times without getting rude right back. (Geez, what's wrong with Waterloo? I always thought it a perfectly nice town. I mean, it's no Buffalo, but then again, sometimes I wonder if Buffalo is even a Buffalo, so....)

All for now, folks. Check back next week. (After, you know, checking in every day between now and then, because I blog more than just on Sundays. I'm just sayin'.)

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