Friday, August 26, 2005

Axl Rose, Axel Foley, and other great Axles....

Michele at ASV writes in detail about the evolution of her relationship with Guns-n-Roses:

It was then I realized that GnR was the equivalent of the girl who teases you with her perky breasts for years and when you finally manage to get under the hood, you grab hold of three inches of padded bra. All that music before Use Your Illusion II was just a ruse to get us to this point. They gave us the good stuff first so they could later on sit back and make this pretentious, melodramatic drivel that they called art. There was nothing left to them. Empty D cups.

I never held a grudge against the rest of the band like I do Axl. He was - and is - a self indulgent monster whose posturing bravado could never hide the fact that he was really nothing more than a wimp, a nancy boy, a withered soul of a human being who couldn't handle criticism or competition

I'm starting to think that Michele is the Lester Bangs of Blogistan. But anyway, I never liked GNR in the first place, for one big reason: Axl Rose's voice is just plain awful. He's got this screechy whine of a voice that in my ears has all the musicality of that super-loud girl in your fifth-grade chorus. You know the one I mean. Ugh. I liked GNR when it was just the band playing, but sooner or later Axl would step up to the mike, and there I went. To this day I've never owned a single GNR album.

(I have the distinct feeling I wrote this same post a couple of months ago, but I don't feel like searching for it.)

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