Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Revisin' stuff....

I've started streamlining the contents of the sidebar a bit, with a bit more to come. The "Writings Elsewhere" section has been removed, with the links therein relocated to a post within the blog archives (dated to August 1), and with a link to that Index post appearing in the "About the Author" section toward the top (the section with the two photos of Your Humble Narrator).

I have also created similar posts, also dated August 1, to contain the Move Over Britney! roster and the Poetical Excursions; look for these links toward the bottom of the "Notable Dispatches" section (which isn't going anywhere). I'll be likewise condensing "Exploring the CD Collection" and "Great Love Dialogue" sometime soon.

I'm undecided on whether I should do the same with the master blogroll, however. But for now, the sidebar should appear a bit less cumbersome.

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