Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Queen of the Memes, part the second

Lynn has another meme, in which one lists the first five things one would do if suddenly installed, without warning, in the office of President of the United States. Hopefully my answers are a little more interesting than the ones Dan Quayle gave in that infamous 1988 Vice Presidential debate....

(For the sake of argument, I assume that since I'd be President without warning, I would have little time to think through my first five actions, and thus that listing these items do not necessarily constitute five actions that I think any President should necessarily engage.)

1. Decorate the Oval Office with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings related artwork.

2. Order the immediate declassification and release of all papers and materials relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

(2a. Order that I be fully briefed on whatever the hell really is going on at Area 51. This, however, I'd keep secret from the American people, just because all Presidents should get to keep stuff secret from the American people. What's the fun of being President otherwise?)

3. Immediately cancel all contracts with Halliburton.

4. As per Lynn: start work on an energy policy, opening the doors to everything. Including nuclear power.

5. Begin formulation of a space exploration policy with the emphasis on real space science, followed by genuine colonization, as opposed to the current emphasis on projects that are little more than space-based pork and lofty announcements of unattainable goals.

Bonus Item #6: Begin scouring the country for my senior staff, with the main requirement being that their names be Leo, Josh, Sam, Toby, CJ, Donna, Charlie, and Mrs. Landingham.

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