Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Sunday, new chapter

I have, as of this writing, just completed posting Chapter Sixteen of The Promised King, in which our heroes race against time through a wood where some dark things lie. (I know, I know, a standard epic fantasy trope, the dark wood where dark things lie. Sue me!)

Go forth and read; and if you need catching up, all of the other chapters are available there as well. Look under "Contents" at the left, and all shall be forgiven.

(As usual, this post is being maintained at the top of this page by the magic of TimeStamp Technology. Keep scrolling down for newer content.)

UPDATE: I have just completed the task of removing the blogroll from the sidebar and into a post inside the blog itself. The blogroll post is dated yesterday, August 20, so you can just scroll down to see it; but the link to tbe blogroll is here and you can also find it linked in the sidebar, in the section just under the self-photos.

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