Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hey, who left the mike on?

Whoops. Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of days, but the Wife and I went to the Erie County Fair on Thursday night, last night I didn't really feel like posting, and today we're taking the whole family to the Fair. But hey, I may have pictures tomorrow. So it's all good.

Meanwhile, I'll reproduce here a response left by commenter LC Scotty to my post the other day about why I love Buffalo:

Poisonous creepy-crawly critter types-we don't have any.

Olmstead parks


Strangers will look you in the eye and say something pleasant for the low low price of a smile. Cheap at twice the price, if you ask me.

The fairs, in addition to Erie, Niagara has a nice one too.

Weather-no need to replace yyour roof every year because it landed inland about 30 miles.

The coffee shops on Elmowood, and elsewhere.

Speaking of the galaxy, a short drive away is some fairly dark skies for amateur astronomy, if that's your thing.

Also under food-fresh produce grown locally, particulary ear after ear of yummy roasted corn.

The universities and colleges-lots of fairly bright folks come here from elsewhere, particularly Europe and Asia.

Yup. Greatest place on Earth. Suck it, Tucson!

(NOTE: I picked a city at random from my head in that last sentence. I've never been to Tucson. So if I have any readers from Tucson, this is not meant to offend; Tucson readers should read that sentence as "Suck it, Billings!" Unless I have readers in Billings, who should read it as....)

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