Thursday, August 04, 2005

Five Reasons I'm a Geek

Following links in my referrals, and then following links from where those links led (whew!), I found this meme at Randy McDonald's LiveJournal. (Seems to be, by the way, a thoughtful right-of-center, SF-friendly journal.) It's just a list of reasons why I consider myself to be a Geek.

1. I can talk endlessly about Star Wars. This is, of course, of no surprise to anyone who knows me or reads this blog. I can seriously discuss just about any aspect of the Star Wars films. (Admittedly, my knowledge base ends where the "Expanded Universe" begins, since I've read little of that stuff beyond Timothy Zahn's terrific novels.)

2. I am a lover of film music. This seems to be an area reserved primarily for Geeks, I'm sad to say. Not only do I own more than 250 filmscores on CD, I can go so far as to sing more than twenty of the various motifs Howard Shore used in his Lord of the Rings scores.

3. I have spent time looking up specific phrases in Elvish. Granted, actually learning Elvish would carry a lot more water as far as Geek Street Cred is concerned, but many people think that Tolkien was geeky to begin with for creating actual languages. (As a corollary to this, I have used the fruits of some of my research in this area to create shirts that I wore to The Store during the Holidays. I'll post pictures sometime.)

4. I can list all of the James Bond films in their order of release, along with the names of the villains and the girls. In fact, I did this right here in this blog, way back in Year One. See the "James Bond Redux" series of articles in the sidebar, under "Notable Dispatches".

5. I started eating Cap'n Crunch after reading that scene in Cryptonomicon. Believe it or not, until that point I'd never tried Cap'n Crunch before. No, I don't know why. Now I love the stuff, but I only allow myself to indulge in a box of the Cap'n once or twice a year. (Probably because the box lasts about three days, or about 1.5 GGs, where one GG is the time it takes me to consume and entire box of Golden Grahams.)

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