Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Queen of the Memes, part the first

Lynn has a meme today: you just throw out there, for all to see, ten strongly-held, possibly politically-incorrect opinions of yours. Just because. Here are mine.

1. CDs are inherently superior to digitally traded/downloadable music, and the techno-dweebs at WIRED who keep harping on how "uncool" the compact disc is are goofballs who are just cheerleading for anything new and shiny that comes down the pike. (Hey, WIRED readers -- and remember, I adore WIRED and never miss an issue -- remember that awful CueCat device they fell in love with some years back?)

2. No good political argument at all starts with the words, "I don't want my tax dollars going for XXX!"

3. The "Free World" (such as it is) does entirely too little to oppose brutal dictators like Saddam Hussein.

4. Taking out Saddam Hussein, while ignoring all manner of other brutal dictators who are hardly less odious, renders all of our high rhetoric unconvincing.

5. I'll grit my teeth and concede that the New England Stupid Patriots are a dynasty, but I will not rank them with any of the greatest teams in NFL history. Period.

6. People who think that the Internet renders libraries obsolete are wrong, wrong, wrong wrong wrongity-wrong wrong wrong. Wrong.

7. The Usual Suspects is a shitty movie.

8. I voted for the guy, but I think that John Kerry would have been a very underwhelming President.

9. I don't find anything particularly interesting about Condolleezza Rice. To me, she's just another garden-variety surly-looking Republican.

10. The music of Jerry Goldsmith is overrated to a staggering degree.

OK, that should annoy some readers!

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