Wednesday, August 10, 2005

OK, that's enough solemn remembrance. Now it's time for a little YEE-HAW!!!

You know, I don't expect every single Eleventh of September, from now until the day I die and beyond, to be some kind of momentous day of memorial in which everything stops while we remember. Memorial Day and Veterans' Day aren't even like that, and as I've written before, 9-11 will surely be lost to history the way in the same way the once-searing blots on our national consciousness, like December 7, have become milestones on the calendar.

But really: a walk around Washington, followed by a concert by a country music singer??? And at that, a country music singer whose recent hits include a tune with lyrics like these:

Now this terror isn't man to man; they can be no more than cowards.
They won't show us their weapons: we might have to show them ours.
Now it might be a smart-bomb; they find stupid people too.
If you stand with the likes of Saddam, one just might find you.

What the hell are we doing?!

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