Saturday, March 12, 2005

Whew....(from a thousand miles away)

I'm glad to see that the man who [allegedly] shot four people, killing three, in an Atlanta courtroom yesterday has been captured. These events kept unfolding on FOX News yesterday, which I saw on the TV in the cafe at The Store, every time I walked through to sweep or change the garbages. It boggled my mind that security in a courthouse in one of the nation's largest cities could be so lax as to allow a criminal to wrest a firearm away from a deputy, and then allow him to escape after killing three people. But then, I don't have a whole lot of experience with city courthouses, so maybe it really is easier than I would suspect to do just that.

So let's make it harder, folks -- especially if the criminal in question, I read yesterday, has a history of sneaking weapons into his court appearances.

(BTW, I do not believe in capital punishment. But things like this really put that conviction to the test. I hate to admit this, but there really are times when I believe "We shouldn't execute that criminal" with all the conviction that I apply to my belief that "We shouldn't eat our dessert first".)

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