Saturday, March 19, 2005

Damn you, Scalzi!

Dear John:

I have work to do: kids to feed, a story to print off for submission to a market, a grocery list to compile, a trip to The Store to acquire items on said grocery list, more writing to do, maybe some laundry, and a pile of CDs for review that require me to listen to them.

So, I'd really really really appreciate it if you stop linking things like the Retail Alphabet Game, which just consumed twenty minutes of my time. (I did surprisingly poorly, given that I've spent eight of the eleven years since college in restaurants and retail.)

And while you're not linking things like that, I'd find it especially helpful if you wouldn't link stuff like this. I can't write stories in which I delve into issues of emotional despair and heartbreak and pathological angst if I'm clicking a button so I can look at one cute fuzzy kitten after another.

Your appreciation in this matter is expected, or your home shall be visited by an army of childless Confederate-fetishists.

Thank you.


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