Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Recently, I was at The Store discussing the inevitable onset of dating on the part of our daughters. The guy with whom I was speaking is an avid sportsman, and he indicated that he will make sure he's cleaning his firearms in plain view on the first instance of A Prospective Boyfriend arriving to escort his Little Princess to the local Soda Fountain for a bit of ice cream before bringing her back promptly by 8:30. (Yes, that's the way it will be.)

I responded by pointing out that I won't have guns out, since I will never own a gun -- while I have no problems with gun ownership in general, on a personal level guns give me the willies. (I get slightly nervous when the armed truck drivers arrive, sidearms holstered, to pick up our daily deposits.) So, when First Date Night arrives in my household, I'll be setting up camp on the kitchen table to sharpen my kitchen cutlery. Guns? Not in my home. Beautiful, sharp knives? Oh, you bet. Knives galore. They're the most important tools in your kitchen after pots and pans, don't you know. Gotta keep 'em sharp. (In fact, pots and pans may come in second, after knives.)

Why am I babbling about all this? Because apparently TBogg takes the opposite approach.

Maybe the movie they make about TBogg's family can be a double feature, along with this movie....

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