Tuesday, March 08, 2005

See me! See me write things elsewhere!

I have an article up at Destroy All Monsters, my first for them in quite a while, about Joe Hisaishi's score to the film Princess Mononoke:

Admittedly, my knowledge of anime prior to Princess Mononoke was pretty much limited to the classical stereotype: I thought it mainly involved violent action set in urban dystopias, with battles between mecha-wearing anti-heroes and pseudo-villains accompanied by throbbing techno scores. And I've come to learn that yes, there's a lot of anime that hews to precisely that line. But I also learned that other kinds of storytelling are possible, and that they often involve other kinds of music – such as Joe Hisaishi's finely textured and classically nuanced orchestral scores, of which Princess Mononoke is one of the finest.

Read the whole thing.

And do read Chapter Five of The Promised King, if you so desire. Heck, do it if you don't desire. Do it for the children. Do it for the trees. Do it for the whales.

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