Wednesday, March 30, 2005

[Crickets chirping]

I see by touring around Blogistan that Blogger has had some problems the last day or two, which suits me all right since I've been genuinely too busy to post much. I just have a couple of goofball observations for today:

:: I don't want to know what the goal of this search was. I really don't.

:: I really really really hate the song "The Girl from Ipanema". No, I don't know why.

:: I just watched the new ABC private eye/caper show Eyes, whose pilot I found immensely entertaining and witty despite the lousy title. I've always liked Tim Daly, and the show features the return of A.J. Langer, an actress I've liked since My So-Called Life (Lord, ten years since that great show aired....)

:: The West Wing started this season incredibly weakly, but it's gradually gotten a lot better and now it's humming right along, except for the bit where they posit a pro-choice Republican winning his party's Presidential nomination. Well, the show's still a fantasy.

:: Yeah, that's it for today. Thanks for checking in, and not droning off to sleep upon reading this.

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