Saturday, March 26, 2005

"I want that ship, not excuses!"

When I gave my answers to a Star Wars survey a short while ago, I noted that while I've never owned more than a handful of Star Wars toys (and none that I've left mint-in-the-box, because in some areas of life I'm still an overgrown nine-year-old at heart and Star Wars is one of 'em), I've always wanted a die-cast Millennium Falcon. I thought nothing more of it until I saw that the Tensor had also answered the Star Wars survey, and that he also liked the idea of a die-cast Millennium Falcon -- although the one that he dug up online seems to carry a pretty steep price tag. Given the choice between, say, an iPod or a new stereo and a Star Wars toy, I'm probably gonna go with the new tech toy.

But then I said to myself, "Self! What if there was an online bazaar of sorts where someone might be selling a die-cast Millennium Falcon for slightly less than the one linked above!" And I further thought to myself, "Self! There is indeed such a bazaar!" So it was off to eBay with me, where I quickly honed in on my quarry, and a mere ten bucks later (including shipping), a long-gaping hole in my tiny Star Wars toy collection was filled:

Ha! It's mine! Now I shall be able to spend hours re-enacting my favorite action sequences from the original trilogy, as well as playing through some of the space chases and battles from Saga of a Star World, the epic bit of Star Wars fan-fiction I created in my youth. (No, don't ask. And yes, I did filch the title from the pilot episode of the original Battlestar Galactica series. Back in those days, I filched everything.)

However, I do have to note that the photo above doesn't convey quite correctly the scale of the item in question. I mean, doesn't the ship above just look massive? As though it should be hung from the ceiling that it might command the attention of all who enter my domicile?

Alas, the reality is not quite that way:

No, I'm not disappointed -- I'm quite happy with my little Millennium Falcon, and I knew exactly what I was getting (it was made under the MicroMachines toy imprint, which tells you something). This will sit alongside my MicroMachines X-Wing fighter, my Phantom Menace Queen's Cruiser, my Droid Starfighter, and my Trade Federation Battle Ship. Who knows, maybe I'll arrange them in a circle around my little three-inch Yoda figurine. Of course, that would look pretty weird -- Yoda dwarfing a set of starships -- but I figure it's time Yoda got a chance to dwarf something, eh?

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