Saturday, March 05, 2005

I'm bein' repressed!

A denizen of Left Blogisan linked a Bill O'Reilly column the other day (this Bill O'Reilly column), and later apparently received a "Cease and Desist" letter from O'Reilly's syndicate, demanding removal of the link. It seems that they had originally quoted directly from the column, and then removed that text at the Syndicate's request, but now the Syndicate seems to think that they can demand the removal of a mere link, as well.

And that's hot on the heels of the possibility that the Federal Elections Commission may decide that a blog linking a candidate's site may constitute a contribution to that candidate's campaign, with all the regulatory stuff that implies. But what if I don't actually link it? Suppose I just post the URL for people to cut-and-paste it into their browsers? Or suppose I "mask" the URL by using a service like TinyURL? And what lucky government flack is going to have the wonderful duty of sitting down with Technorati and Google to find out who is linking what?

(BTW, in case you missed it above, this is the O'Reilly column they don't want linked. Yup, I linked it. Because I'm fair and balanced.)

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