Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It was the doctor in the hospice with a candlestick.

PZ Myers links this entertaining transcript of an interchange between TV "journalist" Joe Scarborough and one of the doctors who examined Terri Schiavo. Scarborough basically gets his head handed to him on every single matter of fact he mentions, but I found this exchange particularly annoying:

SCARBOROUGH: You were there 42 minutes, Doctor.

CRANFORD: Yes, I was.

SCARBOROUGH: You are only one doctor that's been there. And somehow, in your 42 minutes of observing her, you have all the answers and everybody that disagrees is dead wrong, I guess.

If anyone can produce a comparable transcript wherein Scarborough displays a similar amount of skepticism toward Senator Bill Frist's ability to diagnose Ms. Schiavo without seeing her in person at all, I will eat my hat*.

* That's a figurative promise, as I do not own a hat.

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