Sunday, March 27, 2005

Trust No One! (and the Burst of Weirdness)

Via DPS, I see that David Duchovny is now blogging, and he seems to type a lot like he delivers dialogue. Look at the bulk of this post: one big chunk of text, without capital letters. It's like what Agent Mulder's FBI reports must have read like! (I wonder if that's the real reason they assigned Agent Scully to work with him -- his superiors were tired of reading his reports.)

And if you have any doubt that this is really David Duchovny doing the blogging, well, this audio post kind of settles it.

Which brings me to my Burst of Weirdness for this week: Rosie O'Donnell's blog. I can't make that up, folks, but if I had to envision a Rosie O'Donnell-authored blog, I'd have envisioned a "stream-of-consciousness incomprehensibility" format, which is exactly what she delivers. (OK, I admit it, when Rosie first started her daytime talk show, I fell for her "air of niceness", since it was really a genuinely nice little Merv Griffin-esque talk show. But then she started turning overly political and mean, and once the show was off the air, she just turned back into the weird shrieking harpy. I think she started seriously going around the bend when she had Tom Selleck on to presumably allow him to promote some new TV movie or something, and instead attacked him for being in the NRA.)

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