Friday, March 18, 2005

Geek life marches on!

I've been wondering, as a nearly card-carrying geek, just what I'd have to look forward to after this summer. I mean, the Lord of the Rings movies are done, The Hobbit is currently just a dream, Star Trek is pretty much dead in the water after the stunning dreck that was Nemesis, and Star Wars is soon to end. 'Tis almost more than I can bear.... bring on the superhero who, in all the recent spate of comic books-turned-movies, has been left out in the cold. I'm talking about that wondrous Amazon Princess herself, Wonder Woman!!

And in better news, the new Wonder Woman project is in good hands. No Michael Bay hackery here, thank you very much: According to AICN, the task of writing and directing a Wonder Woman feature has been assigned to Buffy and Angel genius Joss Whedon. That's just great news. AICN speculates that Warner Bros., the studio backing the project, wants the Wonder Woman film ready for summer 2006. At last! Something to look forward to!

By the way, since it's been over six months since I last posted these two images, here's what Wonder Woman had damned well better look like in the movie. Believe me, folks: this is a film in which I shall have a substantial amount of adolescent fantasy invested. Don't let me down, Mr. Whedon!

And of course:

Wow-za. (Which makes me think: what actresses out there are capable of this?)

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