Saturday, March 12, 2005

Meanwhile, on the shores of Onondaga Lake....

I meant to link this two weeks ago, but I forgot. Since Buffalo and Erie County are in the midst of continued economic disaster (although there are hopeful signs for downtown Buffalo -- let's hear it for those "culturals"!), more cheerful economic news can be found in Syracuse, where the gigando-normous DestinyUSA project continues to grind merrily along. The big news is that a pre-Destiny project, a high-tech research center that will be necessary to develop the technologies that will make Destiny possible, has signed its first tenants:

Four technology companies will relocate here in the next few months - and will be the first tenants for Destiny USA's 1-million-square-foot research and development building to be constructed in Salina.

Yup, you read that right: companies relocating to Upstate New York. The initial forecast for employment by these companies? Eight hundred jobs in two years.

While we in Buffalo are finally becoming aware that there's water all over the place, Syracuse is busy sticking its finger in the dike.

(Yes, I'm still skeptical about locating the world's biggest mall/resort/casino/hotel complex/sports complex/spaceport in Syracuse, but hey, if they're getting ready to actually bring companies in to the area and hire people, I'll put my skepticism on the back burner.)

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