Sunday, March 06, 2005

New Stuff Abounds....

I've made some shifts to the blogroll, over there in the sidebar. I'm not going to list the newcomers here, because...well, no good reason. Just go click on an unfamiliar-looking blog and go read. They're all good, because I don't link blogs that stink. Really. (It's bad enough that I occasionally suspect myself of writing one.)

Oh, and I've got a bunch of new eBay auctions running right now -- I've embarked on a project to weed out the CD collection a bit. It's hard picking stuff to go, but the fact is that I have accumulated a lot of stuff I honestly doubt I'll ever really listen to again. It's not that I'm auctioning off the bad music in my collection (well, the Mission to Mars filmscore comes awfully close), but the stuff that is either not to my liking any more or never really was to begin with. This project is undertaken, of course, with the ultimate goal in mind of...making room for more stuff.

And so it goes.

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