Saturday, March 19, 2005

Eureka!, part the second.

I noted yesterday that I've managed to implement a list of previous posts on each individual post page (i.e., when reading a single post via a link to that post, you'll see the list in the sidebar, while it does not appear on the main page). I have now successfully republished the entire archive of Byzantium's Shores such that this list should appear on every post I've ever written. I like this feature a lot, and if any Blogger users are wondering how to do it themselves, well, go pound salt! BWAA-HAHAHAHA!!

And, after you're done pounding salt, see the helpful instruction on the required code here. I coupled this info with Blogger's conditional tags in order to get the list to only appear on individual post pages. It all took about a half hour of tweaking to get it to look right.

Now, if Blogger would find a way to have real TrackBacks. Not that I haven't gotten along just fine without real TrackBacks, but all the Cool Kids say that Blogger needs TrackBacks, and never let it be said that I don't want what the Cool Kids want.

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