Saturday, March 05, 2005

Steenking Badges

According to Our Girl in Chicago, we're supposed to list the five movie quotes that leap to mind first. That seems slightly odd, but let's see....hmmm....OK:

1. "They're shitty." (actually a subtitled line, from Major League)

2. "Did you try the plain cake?" (spoken in an inadvertent Cockney accent, from My Fair Lady)

3. "Nice to smell you again...(aside) Wouldn't peg him as a Polo man." (from Contact)

4. "Back, and to the left...back, and to the left...back, and to the left...back, and to the left..." (from JFK)

5. "Louis, are you pro-Vichy or Free French?" (from Casablanca)

(And as long as I'm pilfering blog memes, it's been quite a while since the "Ask Five Questions" one went around, so far as I can tell. Anyone feel like asking me five questions, or being asked five questions? My previous installments in "Ask Five Questions" are here and here. Either e-mail or leave questions in comments.)

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