Sunday, March 13, 2005

(Supplemental Burst of Weirdness)

Apparently Kim has managed to annoy some people with her opinions, one of which is that Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series is way too longwinded and dull. That last seems like less an opinion than a statement of verifiable fact to me (I count myself among the extremely lucky ones, having given up on Jordan a hundred pages into the second book), but there are people out there in the world who genuinely still await each thousand-page tome in Jordan's series with drooling anticipation.

But what's truly eye-popping, in this case, is the nature of the complaint on Kim's blog in the first place:

I think half of you are talking crap. Robert Jordan is my favourite book series ever! Sick of the wheel of time, if you think WoT is the only book to have similar ideas to another book then get your thumb out of your ass because EVERY book has similar ideas to other books. You mightn't of read them so how do you know? And if WoT is a LoTR like you claim, which it isn't, I prefer it this way. LoTR is the shittest book I ever read. I didn't like the book, drawn out to long...Movies ok though. Anyway you can't have read all the books yet, or up to book 8. Moiraine dies in book 5, gandalf doesn't die. If anyway is like gandolf it's cadsuane. if thats how you spell it. and to Shai'tan being another name for devil or evil or wateva, everybook that mentions evil is just copying of satan by ur veiw

(That is cut-and-pasted directly, by the way; I have made no effort to correct spelling or punctuation.)

It's pretty much pure difference of opinion here, which is fine as that goes, except that here we have a die-hard fan of The Wheel of Time claiming that The Lord of the Rings, which in its entirety is less than one-third the length of WoT as it stands right now (in its still uncompleted state), is "drawn out too long".

This reminds me of the episode of Friends when a love-sick, lonely Ross shacks up with Janice, the ultra-annoying former girlfriend of Chandler's who popped up at inopportune moments throughout the series's run. Ross has become so whiney that Janice dumps him, at which point Ross suddenly snaps back to reality when he says to her, "I've become so bad that...I annoy you. Oh. My. God."

(I know that this reference is meaningless to non-Friends fans, but it's the best I got right now.)

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