Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Capezzoli di Venere

In the film Amadeus, there is a scene where Constanze Mozart, the great composer's wife, goes behind his back to try and gain favor with Salieri, so that Mozart will be able to make more money. In this scene, Salieri -- who has no intention of helping Mozart at all -- gets on Constanze's good side by offering her an apparently decadent confection of Roman chestnuts in brandied sugar. The more erotic name for this item is "Capezzoli di Venere", or "Nipples of Venus", because -- well, they look like breasts.

Anyway, I did a Google search on "Nipples of Venus" on a whim, and actually found a recipe for them. Looking at the recipe, I'm not sure if this actually results in something that looks like what's depicted in the movie, but it does look pretty good. Maybe with white chocolate instead of semi-sweet?

(EDIT: I changed the link to one that uses the same recipe as the previous link, but that includes a picture of the "Nipples of Venus" from the movie.)

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