Friday, March 18, 2005 far, so good....

Blogger seems to be working a bit better today than it's been working over the last couple of weeks. The Blogger service has been unimaginably glacial of late, as many have discovered, and like many other Blogger users, my recent sparse posting schedule has partly resulted from problems with the service.

I see that the Blogger folks are on the case, as I'd hope they would be. I still wish they'd be more "quick on the trigger" in updating -- i.e., posting a status message there before a problem is several hours or days old -- but they have been diligent in the past in fixing stuff, even if they take a while to do it. I'm enough of a "grizzled veteran" of Blogger to know that this kind of thing happens on occasion. Usually it's not as bad as the recent spell of poor service has been, but they're on it.

(BTW, since Blogger is now reaching at least five years in operation, I wonder if it might be time for them to revisit their "Nothing is ever deleted from our servers" policy. I wonder how many old and abandoned blogs are cluttering things up over there. Maybe they should adopt a policy whereby if you abandon your blog for a year, it's deleted, or maybe stored in reduced form in some kind of archive where its content is only accessible under certain conditions?)

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