Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Thanks, Joel and Company.

In seeking care for Little Quinn, the Wife and I have had to rely in part on services provided through various government programs -- including some administered by Erie County, which is now going through a budget crisis so severe that layoffs of County employees will number in the thousands when all is done.

Today, our Service Coordinator received her layoff notice.

I have no illusion that Erie County's government is too bloated; nor do I disagree that we are overtaxed here to a ridiculous degree and the Buffalo-Niagara region will never really prosper until the high cost of doing business here is brought down.

But lest anyone feel the need to talk about issues like this in the pure abstract, allow me to disabuse them of that notion. This stuff affects real, living people -- some old, some young, and some infants with cerebral palsy who have trouble breathing.

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